Thames Buddhist Vihara

Thames Buddhist Vihara

In 1982 it would have been an almost impossible task indeed. No one could have foreseen any prospect, whatsoever, of success of such an ambitious venture. It could not have been anything other than a figment of imagination in the Venerable’s mind because, to set up another Buddhist Temple in London, was a task simply not financially feasible, at the time, when most of the Srilankan Buddhists, on whom the Venerable was heavily dependent for support, were young families recently arrived in the United Kingdom, with considerable responsibilities of setting themselves up in the host country and to provide for children of school going age.

The single most important step towards the realisation of the Venerable’s noble intention was made possible, when he received the invitation to move out of the London Buddhist Vihara, into residential accommodation provided by Mr. Oliver and Mrs. Vipula Fernando, living in South London. This move afforded the opportunity for the Venerable to live amidst the very heart of the growing need where it was most strongly felt. Living among this Srilankan Buddhist community, the Venerable was able to gauge the true nature of the ground swell of opinion and the inadequacy, which encouraged him to bring into the open, the idea that had been gestating in his mind since his arrival in England.

It was at this juncture, that the Venerable had the good fortune, to be introduced to the Members of the Sri Lanka Association South East (UK), an organisation formed by a well intentioned and determined group of Srilankans, to promote their heritage, culture, traditions and the religion of the majority, specially among the children, in conjunction with the host community.

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