Sri Lankan Buddhist Temples around the World

Daham Niketanaya - North Victoria

On seventeenth of the cold month in July 1994, foundation was laid for the North Victorian Buddhist Association, at Glenroy, as a simple one bed room apartment with a humble beginning of less than fifty members.The association was established with pure objectives of providing the community with religious, cultural, social and educational services according to the Buddhist tradition.

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Mahamevnawa Monastery of Sydney

Mahamevna monastery of Sydney is a concept of the most ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda thero and it was founded by him over a decade ago.

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Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara

Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara is one of the leading Buddhist community centre in West Midlands which composing of all different traditions of Buddhism Theravada and Mahayana. Both the Theravadian and Mahayana traditions are represented at the Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara and we cater for the religious needs of all communities. Members of all these communities serve on the temple’s advisory committee.

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Mahamevnawa Bhavana Asapuwa

Mahamevnawa International Meditation Centre is one of the few places in the United Kingdom where Buddhist meditation is taught and practised. We offer an invaluable opportunity, which people can come and participate in Dhamma programmes. Sometimes a visit to Mahamevnawa may be a chance to step outside of household concerns for a few hours to get a new perspective or an opportunity to meet, or re-connect with spiritual friends. People are welcome to visit Mahamevnawa. Come for an hour, an afternoon, an evening or a day.

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Kingsbury Vihara

Kingsbury Vihara (Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre)  has two principal aims: to promote the understanding of Buddhism in the West, and to preserve the Buddhist culture among its supporters.

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Lankarama Buddhist Temple Schofields Sydney

Lankarama Vihara is a traditional Theravada Buddhist Temple established in Sydney that promotes Dhamma, the teachings of Buddha in Australia. There are three residing Sri Lankan Buddhist monks regularly conducting Dhamma sermons in Sinhala and English and fulfilling religious requirements of the Buddhist community. It also provide the temporary accommodation to the visiting Banthes. It is situated in a tranquil and serene landscape in Schofields.

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Sri Lanka Dhamma Vihara

Sri Lanka Dhamma Vihara of Canberra (SLDVAC) is a Buddhist Association. Established in 2007, it provides services to its community through promotion of Buddhist philosophy and Buddhist way of life. It also offers Weekend Daham School too. Dhamma Vihara welcomes Buddhists and all well wishers.

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Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara

Buddhist Vihara Victoria Inc. (B V V) was established in 1994 under the guidance of the late Venerable Gangodawila Soma Thero. The association is affiliated to the Siri Vajiragnana Dharmayathanaya in Sri Lanka. From
its inception, there were three major objectives for setting up this Vihara:

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Athula Dassana International

Athula Dassana International Buddhist Temple is established under the patronage of Ven. Borella Athula, the chief Incumbent of Athula Dassana Buddhist Center, Buddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.
The Profile of the Head Monk of the Temple is Ven. Wanduramba Kassapa Thero

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