Supernatural Experiences

A friend of mine submitted the following story of his own experience, as a feedback, after reading my articles on supernatural experiences of various kinds. My friend’s father Jim (imaginary) had died at the age of 66 years and 6 months to be precise, at an integer of 666! There are many beliefs surrounding the number 6 and particularly 666 referring to Satan!

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Annasi & Kadalagotu Literary Festival

A literary Festival is generally recognised as a gathering of both authors and readers, held annually to afford an opportunity to authors mainly to feature and demonstrate a variety of their work thus stimulating and inspiring. Such festivals bring both the books and the reader together without creating a street market atmosphere. In other words, it will become a market place of thought and oasis. A literary festival that usually lasts for several days gives culture, new ideas, poetry and enjoyment with the main intention of promoting authorsprose and verse in cultivating and nurturing adoration towards writing and literature.

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After Death, struggle for the living

Death is generally referred to the instance at which life ends. The public uses many euphemisms for death such as 'passed away', 'expired', 'deceased' etc. The dead body is denoted as the corpse in a polite reference. It is estimated that about two-thirds out of 150,000 people who die on a daily basis across the globe are age-related.

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Getting Rid of Kalukumara Distiya

Angela was in her fifties, happily married and settled down comfortably in a middle class family in Moratuwa. Hailing from a pedigree of a well-known entrepreneurial family, she had three sons. The eldest graduated and became a high-ranking government official, second worked as an architect and the youngest known as the 'full stop' of the family was studying for O/ Levels.

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CEYLON  TODAY - English Translation by Dr. Tilak S. Fernando

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British Lock Horns with Foreign Ministry

President Maithripala Sirisena became Sri Lanka’s 6th Executive Present with the promise  ‘not to breach the trust’ placed in him. True to his words, he has been working untiringly to bring coherence with the SLFP to develop the Country with his new concept of a mixed government of all parties, which is a very rare occurrence.

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CEYLON TODAY - According to ‘Ceylon’ history ancient kings had divided the country into three principalities namely, Ruhunu, Maya and Pihiti. The three kingdoms were known as 'Tri Sinhale.'

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Dance of pots and pans - supernatural experiences

 Supernatural experiences of the people which I have highlighted in Ceylon Today and their reappearance in two London-based websites have inspired some of the readers who, in turn  have encouraged me to dwell in such stories. Although some do not believe in such theories, still they write and say how they enjoy reading other's experiences. This has given me enough ammunition to continue with different experiences of the supernatural.

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Uropathy and Gau Mutra - Ceylon Today

Who would think that cow urine (Gau Mutra) would be sold openly in London? It has been detected by the UK's Food Standards Agency and gone viral in the UK media. According to the European Union Regulations, farm animal products such as urine and faeces are forbidden to enter the food chain, but in some shops in London several bottles of cow urine were detected next to food items. Hindus use cow urine in certain religious ceremonies while some drink it for health reasons

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