Sri Lanka's new trend in advertising - Ahuvath Salli - Kiwwath Salli

Whether one stays at home, travels by bus, train or car or even happens to be a pedestrian on the road you cannot escape from an earful of blares emanating from radios to blast your ear drums, but certainly not for any personal listening pleasure.

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Popular Love Story

Prince Charles met Lady Diana Spencer when she was sixteen, in the middle of a ploughed field in 1977, when she had gone home for the weekend, during school holidays. His first impression about her was that she was 'full of fun' and thought her 'pretty amazing'! Diana was a guest at her elder sister, Lady Sarah's home. The couple's first meeting went down in history as a low-key beginning, which later became the most popular love story of the 1980s.

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Origins of Development

We are being reminded today in the 21st Century how 'good old Ceylon' had been a self-sufficient island many eras ago. It also makes us wonder, with the present generation with scholars, professors and eminent engineers and so forth, why such inherited Sri Lankan talents from our forefathers' time and the old civilizations have been allowed to take a reverse turn over the centuries!

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When the Red Carpet Rolled at Buck House

The Red Carpet at Buckingham Palace at the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, the reigning Queen of England, rolled out on the 6 August 1993, to allow for the first time in the history of England for more than 400,000 people to get a glimpse of the Royal Abode from August to October by levying a charge of £8.00 per adult, £5.50 on pensioners and £4 per children under 17 years of age, limiting up to 8,000 visitors a day.

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Media & its many facets

Human beings would always like to have an appreciation of their identity, either from institutions or politically as members elected by the public. Socially, of course such identification could be in the form of fathers, children, teachers and others. Culturally they could be seen as social groups such as black, white or yellow, male and female or religious sections.

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A Happy Ending to Diabetes

As an extension to my 'Feedback on Uropathy and Gau Mutra' article which appeared in Ceylon Today newspaper on 13 April, just three months after a diabetic patient from Kalutara was referred to Dr. Mass R. Usuf, President of the National Association of Homoeopaths and Affiliates and Sri Lanka's former co-ordinator for Natural Healthcare Worldwide (Switzerland), both patient and the doctor are quite happy with the    unbelievable progress up to date.

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MR. POLITICIAN, Face The Mirror!

Politics and politicians have become a pet topic nowadays. Cambridge English Dictionary describes the word politics as 'activities of a government, members of law making organization or people who try to influence the way a country is governed'. Urban Dictionary, however, defines it differently viz: "Politics derived from the words poly meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'blood-sucking parasites'.

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How to dig for News - Part 2

 Modern bookshops and newsstands are inundated with a multitude of magazines of all kind with topics including general health, beauty, royalty, medicine, yoga, and international politics. Some of the most interesting and educational ideas are buried in small but less significant news reports and narrow classified advertisements, as they are less likely to have been exploited.

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Digging for news

A journalist's main function is to gather ideas. Here, the journalist is faced with a big question mark ... ..  'Where to find them and the facts to support them’? This can be one of the biggest headaches for the beginners to journalism – the cub journalists!

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