Variety, the Chilren"s Charity in Sri Lanka

Many moons ago, in the 1920’s, during the depressing gloomy era, cries of an abandoned baby echoed through a cold blizzard during the 1928 Christmas Eve, within the empty Sheridan Square Theatre in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.  However, story of this orphan developed into a fairy tale, which has led to become one of the world’s paramount children’s charities and developed and expanded globally captivating the imagination of even beyond any other fairy tale through the inspiration and motivation of fellow human beings.

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Dr. Ajith C Perera - Unsung Hero

Dr. Ajith Perera – Unsung Hero - Crowned at Sri Lankan of the year 2016

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 Ceylon Today feature on 9 November 2016

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Kuveni"s curse still holds sway

Ceylon Today Publication on 7 Nov.2016  - Kuveni’s curse still holds sway

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criminality within societies

Ceylon Today – 2nd October 2016 

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Beema Bamboo for Cleaner Air

Courtesy Ceylon Today 21 October 2016

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Peace comes from within


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Sensor Ignition Switch to stop drink and drive

Despite rules, regulations, heavy fines and suspension or cancellation of driver licences, the number of accidents and deaths on Sri Lankan roads seem to have a serious effect on human life; even after all the exertions and energies put in by the Sri Lanka Police. The reason behind this debacle appears to be that certain sections of the Sri Lankan community, who are addicted to alcohol, seem to dwell on the attitude of, ' to hell with the law and let's get drunk with gal, pol or arrack'! This is indicative when one passes a liquor bar, especially in the evenings after work, and witnessing the throng of people fighting in the queues to buy their daily booze, similar to worker bees in a beehive!

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Ceylon Today Newspaper – 26-09-2016 - By Dr. Tilak S. Fernando

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