Familiarity breeds contempt - Or does it?

Our personal beliefs certainly control our lives. Psychological pundits would advise that we can change our attitudes so as to change our life if we want a better reality by developing healthier principles. The problem here is how to recognize a disempowering conviction that needs changing which will affect us.

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Imperative National Requisite

How astounding it was that after writing in this column on Dr Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India, regarded as the ‘missile man of India,’ who strongly advocates an action plan to develop his Motherland into a knowledge super power and to a developed nation, I had the rare opportunity of listening to one of our own ‘Action Men’, Dr Ajith C S Perera, giving a live discourse with equal vim and vigour about our own Motherland focusing on the subject, ‘not to miss opportunities in our hands in promoting a sustainable national economy’.

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Lessons to learn from Indians

Usually a good percentage of the e-mails one receives these days are full of jokes, chain letters or spam. There is nothing more irritating than when your good friends do not write two sentences to find out about how you are keeping etc, instead humble themselves to spending hours on end to send funny and uninteresting stories which only take the receiver’s time to delete them or consign them to the spam folder.

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Childhood is children’s privilege

During the recent torrential rains and road flooding I was struck by a single photograph how a young school girl was being escorted by her mother to school holding an umbrella to cover her from rain.

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Basic (Human) Rights

Human Rights’  issue, mostly focusing on political dimensions of various countries, has become the most fashionable topic nowadays.

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Women’s prerogative

Statistically or physiologically or even unwillingly 50 percent of the population in the world happens to be women. Out of that, over 30 percent is or has been statistically, physiologically or even unwillingly pregnant! The overall image of being housewives or domestic helpers is fast vanishing as more women join their ranks.

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