Name is Mud

The Diplomatic Service is generally considered as a prestigious profession where the State supports diplomats’ privileges and self-esteem with the whole idea of supporting its own international status.

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Pharmacies, Chemists And Their Role

In order to prevent or reduce harm to patients and to improve public health, mechanisms for evaluating and monitoring the safety of medicines in clinical use are vital. Equally qualified pharmacists are expected to be professional in their duty, with the knowledge and expertise to provide authoritative information to medicines.

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Mischievous opinion and ulterior motives

‘Communication ‘ has been the most dominant means of influencing and shaping a society. Approximately in and around 720 BC the Greek alphabet reflected on the Greeks to mull over and acquire astuteness. Writing allows the author of a story to register what he writes in a reader’s mind exactly he intends it to be. Thus, ‘media communication’ has influenced human existence from time immemorial.

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Punchi Theature Celebrated 10Th Anniversary

Prior to the inauguration of Nelum Pokuna recently in Colombo as the cynosure for performing arts, drama, ballet, music, painting, sculpture and photography, theatre goers and drama enthusiasts had a very limited choice mainly between the Elphinstone Theatre, inaugurated in 1925 at Maradana, which was recognised as the second oldest Theatre Hall in Sri Lanka and The Lionel Wendt Theatre, since its establishment in early 1940s.

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Utter Madness

There is nothing more irritating, annoying and confusing for a motorist than when a police officer takes over electronically synchronized traffic lights and creates a complete muddle of the situation when he orders motorists waiting at ‘red lights’ to proceed while those facing ‘green’ are held back for much longer periods.

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Vips And ‘Hell’s Angels’

Thesaurus describes the word ‘Privilege’ as  ‘ special entitlement to immunity granted by the State or another authority to a restricted group, either by birth or on a conditional basis. Etymologically a privilege means a private law to a specific individual(s)’.

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Hard Facts Behind Extra Marital Affairs!

Extra marital affairs have been in existence from time immemorial in every society. In the so-called sophisticated Western societies it has become a fashion or regarded as an additional qualification to boost one’s self-esteem to say that he or she has a ‘lover on the side’!

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Awaken To Sanctity Of All Life

The present generation of human beings graduate through the tedious process of education, spending nearly one third of their life time in seats of learning of many a kind acquiring so -called ‘ knowledge’,  yet  that whole process can be a  waste of time if one does not go through life  without much real thinking.

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Feeble foundations cause structural cracks

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, known for his ‘no-nonsense’ attitude, demanded ‘urgent remedial action from the Police to recreate public confidence while addressing an assemblage at Katana Police Academy ( in April  2010) .

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Expatriates and their role

"As we have been victorious in the battle to defeat terrorism, we should also take to the required successful end the struggle to build our land. It is necessary for us to take the required clear decisions for this. We must now be ready to direct our Motherland to that new era of national revival. Dear Doctors, Engineers, Scientists and other eminent professionals of Sri Lankan origin, your Motherland needs your experience, capabilities, professionalism and expertise in its national revival?" - President

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