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Last week the London Police arrested two Muslim youths for racially abusing a Londoner who was dressed up as a woman with makeup in a town in East London. The abusers posted a video clip of the incident on You Tube which lead the police to identify them.

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Farmers - The life blood of a nation

About 70% of the land in Britain is being used as farms. Vegetables, fruits, cereals and livestock are the main products of farming. It produces only 60% of its consumption. The rest is being imported from Europe and America.

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Black Sigiri Frescoes

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in the Wiltshire area of England. Archaeologists believe it was built anywhere from 3000 BC to 2000 BC. It consists of circularly stood stone pillars which is not available in the geographical area of  Wiltshire. They have been brought from an unknown area outside of Wiltshire..

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Going on Holiday

“when we go to Sri Lanka in winter holidays we must go to Arugam bay, Pasikuda, Jaffna and other places in the East. We must have a sea bath in Unawatuna too aney.”

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Boris Johnson -opening bell at NASDAQ-14Sept2009

Four young girls trying to mug an old lady. A hero comes from nowhere on a push bike. He chased away the girls and rescue the lady.

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A barrister on a mobile phone outside Southwark Crown Court.

There are two branches of lawyers under the legal system in England and Wales, that of solicitors and barristers.

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Mask of Tutankhamun

It was summer holidays twenty years ago. We two and our two young daughters went on a long dreamed holiday in Egypt to browse through five thousand year old civilization.

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Prince Philip at the opening of the British Garden in Hanover Square, New York, last year. Photograph: Stan Honda/EPA

Isn’t that the normal practice to take the husbands surname after the marriage. Yes…  there are exceptions. Some ladies have double barrel names. Some just carryon with their maiden name. The Queen is one of them, but in the hard way.

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Image from

Mrs. Blair the barrister wife of the then Prime Minister Tony Blair was caught travelling on a train without a ticket in January 2000.

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