Doctor, god, or man?

The medical men and women stand out as the crème of any society who are regarded and graded as 'God' in human form because unlike butchers who use the knife to kill, surgeons use their scalpel to cut and give life to fellow humans.

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Cricklewood Broadway in London NW2

Human beings are born with a vital organ called the brain with much more intelligence than any other creature in the world, yet it is apparent that an important part in its grey matter has been purposely omitted or missing by-default giving the freedom for each individual to take decisions independently for better or worse in one's actions.

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Crime Thriller Film Action inside Lankan Bank

It may sound strange but the opportunity has arisen to write about an alarming incident that had taken place inside a prominent bank in Colombo where a human life could have lost due to a boneheaded, stupid exercise performed by the Bank’s Management which simply boils down to confirm that though some bankers’ brains are tuned to figures the commonsense appears to be much desired!

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Migrant Passport Test - ‘Life In The UK’

How many British born in the UK will be able to say confidently in which year Emperor Claudius invaded their country?  Did King Henry VIII create The Church of England?   

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Is Britain Paving A Battle Ground For Tiger Kittens!

The extremely brutal and barbaric behaviour during the recent Sri Lanka’s Champion’s Trophy cricket final at Cardiff and Oval in London by some Sri Lankan Tamil thugs, calling themselves’ as ‘Tamil Tiger activists in the UK, not only victimised several Sri Lankan law abiding innocent cricket enthusiasts but denuded the aloofness of the British authorities who failed to apprehend the criminals instantaneously caught in the act.

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Family atmosphere – Pix by Nimal Navaratne

On July 28, 2013 FOC (Festival of Cricket) will be celebrating its Silver Jubilee from Merchant Taylor School Grounds, Norwood, Herts, with 28 Old boys Associations participating in a seven a side cricket tournament.

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Old country

Revisiting my old haunts has been a tremendous experience starting from a weird encounter at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo where a panicked passenger on Flight WY 0372 on May 26, 2013 had removed my baggage inadvertently after going through the security screening machine before I could pick my bags.

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A glimpse of The Buckingham Palace

On August 6, 1993, the red carpet at Buckingham Palace rolled out to give access to the Royal abode for more than 400,000 visitors for the first time for a period of nearly two months up till October 1, 1993. Such a decision was taken by The Queen followed by the gutting of the ‘Windsor Castle’ which was estimated at £40 million on restoration work and particularly followed by the public outcry when she expected British tax payers to foot the bill for the fire damage.

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Dual Nationality - A Core Issue

As the world became sophisticated, various parts of it have become isolated into separate countries and created what is today known as national boundaries. With such isolation each country has introduced an official document called a ‘passport’ for travel in the present political and social scenario.

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Sorting Diplomats From The Officers

At a time the Sri Lankan foreign service, especially the diplomatic Corps, is being subjected to criticism by certain section of the Sri Lankan community both at home and abroad, it would be prudent to reminisce on a Sri Lankan diplomat, Sir Edwin Wijeyeratne, who had lived up to his profile and discharged his duties as a professional and a charismatic ‘ambassador’ to Mother Lanka.

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