Holy Matrimony........? Is It.....!

Open the Marriage Proposal columns and what do we see? Virtually two full pages of matrimonial advertisements! These are paid classified insertions by parents or close relatives seeking assistance to help their loved ones to settle down in matrimony. Even in the 21st century most of the Sri Lankan elders seem to dwell in old stereotype pre-conditioned ideas of their caste, creed, pedigree, religion or wealth!

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Cock & Bull

The English phrase Cock and Bull relates to any fanciful and unbelievable tals or comic yarn. It was associated with travellers who met at two Public Houses during the 18th and early 19th centuries in England. During their overnight stay they concocted and exaggerated fanciful stories which have been finally branded as 'cock and bull stories'.

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A Man Of Spirit

It is very easy to earn a reputation as a ‘pressman’ when your by-line appears in Local tabloids as well as in Sri Lankan English newspapers where you become a ‘buddy’ automatically with everyone within the expatriate community in the UK.

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Apé Kama in London

Sri Lankan gastronomy is one of the most multifarious among Asian food with its unique taste; varieties of dishes are cooked with an array of spices which give a combination of different flavours. The exquisiteness of Sri Lankan cookery is that it can be prepared to suit any palate, either to be too hot with chili powder or mild with curry power, or even it can be prepared completely in a bland fashion to suit those who are accustomed to 'boiled vegetables' or fish and chips!

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CHOGM – Going Down Memory Lane

The 23rd Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) or the ‘Leaders Retreat’ will be held in Sri Lanka from November 15 to 17, 2013 as per Commonwealth Leaders’ agreement at Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago in 2009.

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Getting Records Straight

I am very grateful to Peter Wijesinghe who contacted me recently having read some of my ‘Life Abroad’ columns, as I consider him as an encyclopaedia of Sri Lankans and their activities in London considering his knowledge, experience and the vivid memory over six decades of life in the UK.

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Kingdom Of Death

If there is anything certain in this life’s sojourn it has certainly to be the death, and nothing else! Death, in other words, is the termination of all corporeal functions that endures a particular living being or organism. Death in a human being can take place under many circumstances such as biological aging, malnutrition, sickness, suicide, murder, accidents and so forth.

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Tea For Two – London Lost Too !

Tea production in Sri Lanka has always played a vital role to boost the economy of the country and the world market which in 1995 led Sri Lanka to become the world’s leading exporter of tea.

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‘Lanukasa’ is not about rope tricks

Kavi (Poetry) has been part and parcel of Sinhala language from its inception. In Sanskrit it means thinker, a wise man, sage, seer, prophet etc. The primeval poets were rishis in India who composed mantras (Vedas) to various gods. In contemporary usage in India and Sri Lanka it is regarded as literature used to denote a person of greatness who could pen or sing a poetry impromptu (Hituwana kavi/Situvana kavi).

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From Memory Bank - Fred Clarke Interview

Those who have not seen the late Sir Arthur C. Clarke and his brother Fredrick (Fred) Clarke will automatically get confused if they were to go by their photographs! They were not born as twins yet Fred Clarke looks very much like his brother.

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