Surfacing Of Ceylon History After Five Decades - II

nearly 1400 pages on ancient inscriptions in ' Ceylon' between 3rd Century to 10th Century AD gathered dust at the Peradeniya University, occasionally used by many scholars, lecturers and students over the years.

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Surfacing Of Ceylon History After Five Decades

Continuing from last week's column (Revival of Sinhala in London), Prof. Lakshman Perera could be regarded as a 'rare flower born to blush unseen' (in the words of poet Thomas Grey) considering the fact that his thesis on The Institutions of Ancient Ceylon, which he produced for his PhD as a post graduate student, was allowed to gather dust for half a century.

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Revival Of Sinhala In London

If I were to sieve through all the Sri Lankan personalities I have come across in the UK, over a period of time, Prof. Lakshman Perera comes on top of the list as an intellectual and a patriot. I met this former Professor of History, who was attached to the ColomboUniversityin the eighties, when he was holding the post of Education Officer at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.

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Serious Challenge - High Stakes!

There is an educated chap, Sri Lankan in fact, with a PhD in Chemistry who presently lives in London. He has been obsessed with the idea of getting through to the public and governments in the UK and Sri Lanka to demonstrate a new invention of his, which he says could cut down on energy wastage.

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Towards A Tenacious Approach

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2013 ended on November 17 in Colombo. During its post-mortem, many ideas, suggestions, criticism and especially emotional outbursts have spearheaded in the Sri Lankan press, websites as well as in some of the Western press lambasting the British Prime Minister David Cameron's boorish behaviour for acting as a public school principal in the presence of Prince Charles, who was representing the Head of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II.

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Legal Charlatans In London

Lawyer' is a professional who advises and represents clients, either on a private basis or by working for a law firm. The term varies from most English speaking countries from lawyer to attorney and advocate.

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Stubborn Facts

History means knowledge acquired by investigation or study of the past. History is also referred to as an academic discipline used as a narrative to examine and analyse sequence of past events objectively. Apart from historians’ approach to modern history such as the emergence of coffee and tea plantations in Sri Lanka during the colonial era, stories common to a particular culture or a place are classified as legends which do not support the discipline of history.

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Jokes Apart!

The topic of immigration has always given adequate ammunition to politicians to woo public votes, of late, mainly in the UK and Canada. Illegal immigrants seeking entry to Australia has become world wide information. Consequently, the Australian government is spending a fortune on advertisements on Sri Lankan TV to discourage 'boat people'. Many such illegal immigrants have perished in sea beds unaccounted for, so far.

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Knee Jerk On NHS!

 "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him" (Corinthians 2:9 NKJV)

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Lankan Duped British

Sri Lankans are reputed to be brainy. Mother Lanka has generated a high proportion of outstanding scholars in multiple of professions out of her 20 million children.

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