Unaccountable Experience

It was an era when University post graduate students in the country launched an organised social revolution against the State. Frustrated cluster groups started to agitate, the rulers undermined the threats involved and paid little or no heed at all until the issue became cancerous, affecting the entire nation.

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Damn good thing it's not whiskey I smell, sir!

After nearly twenty years, I suddenly bumped into Mr. Dassanayake in Colombo, our class master who taught us Latin in my old school. It was indeed a pleasant surprise and a joy to meet with one of my 'adorable gurus' again. Those were the days when we, as students, were so mischievous in the classroom and literally sapped the will out of him when he enthusiastically tried to get through to us with some Latin grammar.

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Hurricane Of Fate

It was towards the end of her sabbatical leave and a glorious Roman holiday in London for Menika, but was it an end of a newfound love…?  Hallway near the front door, in her flat, stood her packed suitcase ready and padlocked for return journey to Colombo. Inside the bed room the air was still, and the only sound was the ticking noise of an undulating pendulum of the clock on the wall. Inside her heart also seemed still.

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Aunty Helga was a Stunning Girl

Of all my relations, I developed a special liking to Aunty Helga for reasons unknown.

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The battle for survival

On this particular night the Bambala-Watta police station looked like a disturbed bee hive, its vice squad having raided several star class hotels in the city. There were a few foreign women with oriental and western features inside the police cells. In the corner cell were two Sri Lankan women looking smart but perplexed.

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Selfish impulse

Koralawella on the southern coastal border adjacent to Moratuwa is regarded mainly as a fishing village. While Moratuwa is reputed for its traditional furniture trade, a substantial amount of the Koralawella folk depends on the fishing trade as well.

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From The Death Bed

It’s been just over two weeks since Anil became ill. None of the drugs prescribed by his General Practitioner seemed to have any or little effect on his disease.  He became rather confused, frustrated and worried as he just could not understand the present predicament.

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Journey to motherland

Anne bid good-bye to her father, at the end of a six week's holiday in Colombo with somewhat mixed feelings this time. She could feel her father's drawn, emaciated frame trembling. Her eyes filled with tears, but then, leaving her family and returning to London, after a glorious holiday in Sri Lanka, has always been painful.

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