Agony & Mental Torture

Pavitra was virtually thrown out of bed when her telephone rang at three in the morning. The time in Sri Lanka was 8 am. Her elder sister Needra was impatient to break the news to her sister in London about the sudden illness of their mother Noelene.

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It took only a few moments after Sena put the phone down on Neelanthi ending a long argument on the phone. They were on the phone for more than forty five minutes trying to justify each other about their feelings on an e-mail Neelanthi had received through Sena’s mail box as she did not have the email facility while she was on holiday  in London.

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In The Dark

It was a dark night throughout the country when power cuts took place from town to town at various intervals. The activities of the City of Colombo suddenly came to an abrupt halt at around 8 p.m.  Actually this was not a temporary power failure but the beginning of a national catastrophe due to severe drought experienced by the Electricity  Board and the lack of power plants in the country.

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A Long Awaited Journey!

She lived in a far away remote town hundreds of miles away from the city of Colombo. I was born in London. But when flower buds opened into beautiful blooms in her garden they reached my olfactory glands.

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The Seekers

Romesh, born in London to Sri Lankan parents, grew up in the absence of any cousins or Sri Lankan friends of his age to spend his childhood. Realising this very fact, his parents devoted extra time with him with lots of love and care. Against this backdrop Romesh was taken to Sri Lanka on holiday often.

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Second Lobe Syndrome

It was a gloomy mid-afternoon. The sun had fought a tiresome battle the whole morning trying to emerge out of the dark clouds that were trying to obliterate it. The branches of trees and leaves took an ‘attention’ position, as if the whole world had turned upside down!

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Negative karma

The SriLankan Airlines direct flight from London to Bandaranaike International Airport landed in the early hours of a Saturday morning. Among hundreds of passengers who were disembarking the plane was Sunil with a grown and ‘uncontrolled’ beard, dishevelled long hair and dressed in a cotton T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Wearing a pair of sneakers on his feet he carried a small backpack over his right shoulder as his only baggage and walked at snail’s pace towards the immigration counters at the airport along with the other passengers.

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June Seventeenth

June seventeenth was a memorable day for Sena. At the peak of mid-summer, the sun was majestically radiating heat having won the battle against clouds to literally melt the London Streets.

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All that glitters is not gold!

On a Monday morning Arusha woke up late suddenly. His mother who normally acts as his morning alarm clock had gone to London on holiday .

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The Vendetta

“The psychological upheaval, the amount of mental trauma and the associated pain that is recurring day in an out cannot be put into words when there is no possible and immediate hope of a reunion with my family, now that I have left my country. I may never see my wife and children again! Where am I heading now and what am I to do….? I left Sri Lanka because of political skullduggery and instability….”

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