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ජීනීවා වෙසක් මහ ඉහළින්

ස්විට්සර්ලන්තයේ ජිනීවා ජාත්‍යන්තර බෞද්ධ විහාරයේ විහාරාධිපති ආචාර්ය තවලම ධම්මික නාහිමියන් ගේ අනුශාසනා පරිදි 21 වැනි වරටත් සංවිධානය කරණ ලද බුදුතෙමගුල සිහිපත් කරවණ මහා වෙසක් උත්සවය මෙවරත් අතිඋත්කර්ෂවත් අන්දමින් ජිනීවා විහාර පරිශ්‍රයේදී සිදු කෙරිණ.

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Opening of the first Sri Lankan embassy in Bahrain

The first Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in Manama, which will help its 25,000 nationals working in Bahrain, was declared open today.

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Vesak celebrated in brussels 2013

Press release Embassy of Sri Lanka Brussels.

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Wesak Celebrations in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Fri- Wesak was grandly celebrated throughout Malaysia.

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UN Vesak Thailand - 2013

The panel discussion, one activity of the 10th International Buddhist Conference on the UN Day of Vesak Celebrations, was held at UNCC, Bangkok, Thailand.

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Sri Lanka Consulate in Chengdu China Promotes Ceylon Tea

The Second China International Tea Fair was held in Chengdu, China with the participation of more than 750 Chinese and international Tea Companies. 

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Vesak Day - Message from Ban Ki-moon The Secretary-General of the United Nations

Vesak Day is a celebration for Buddhists worldwide and an opportunity for all members of the international community to benefit from their rich traditions.

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“Tampering civilians’ Statements is a serious matter”

“Tampering civilians’ Statements is a serious matter”, tells Ambassador Amza to the Channel-4 Director at the Screening of “No Fire Zone” in the European Parliament.

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New Year cheer for Sri Lankans in Qatar 2013

An estimated 10,000 Sri Lankans trooped to the Al Arabi Sports Club yesterday despite the hot weather to celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year – Bak Maha Ulela 2013.

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Sinhala and Tamil New Year Celebrations in Singapore 2013

The High Commission of Sri Lanka in Singapore together with the Coordinating Committee celebrated the " Sinhala and Tamil New Year and Cultural Show 2013" on 21st April 2013 from 11.00 A.M to 8.00 P.M at Toa Payoh Town Park, Singapore.

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