Remembering Mrs. Kamala Perera

Remembering Mrs. Kamala Perera 

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ජිනිවා ජාත්‍යන්තර බෞද්ධ විහාරයී ය  වෙසක් උත්සවය

ජිනිවා ජාත්‍යන්තර බෞද්ධ විහාරයීය  වෙසක් උත්සවය

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Demonstration of Sri Lankan and Turkish food

Demonstration of Sri Lankan and Turkish food in Ankara

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ජිනීවාහි සියළු ආගමික නායකයන් හා ජ ිනීවා නගරාධිපති තුමා අතර සුහද හමු වක්

ජිනීවාහි සියළු ආගමික නායකයන් හා ජිනීවා නගරාධිපති තුමා අතර සුහද හමුවක්

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Donate A Book, Donate Wisdom – Join us with “Kind Heart – 2017”

The Birthday Fund Charity (BFC) was founded in the UK in 2014 with the purpose of aiding the families of academically gifted children who are unable to fulfil their full potential because of their parents’ poor financial background in rural areas in Sri Lanka. The BFC does this by helping the families generate a lasting and stable income through a self-employed job. This has been the main focus of the BFC since it was founded in May 2014.

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අපිත් ආසයි හීන දකින්න...
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