Dhashi breaks stereotypes to win International Fitness Model awards

Sri Lankan-born fitness model Dhashi Perera Bartholomeusz won two international awards recently in Canada. She bagged second place Fitness Model Masters and fifth place Fitness Model short category at IDFA (International Drug Free Athletes) World Championships and Pro Universe held in Mississauga at the Meadowvale theatre.

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Sri Lanka Embassy Celebrates Thai Pongal With Us- Sri Lankan Hindu Community

Washington, DC, January 21,2014 : Sri Lanka Embassy , Washington DC together with the US-Sri Lankan Hindu community celebrated Thai Pongal, the traditional Hindu harvest festival on Wednesday (Jan 15).  Keeping with the tradition of celebrating important days of all four major religions observed by Sri Lankans, the Embassy commences its event calendar every year by hosting  Thai Pongal. 

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LankaCorps Fellowship 2014: Call for Applicants

LankaCorps is an exciting new opportunity for North Americans of Sri Lankan background to "explore their roots while giving back" to the country of their heritage.

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A blessing ceremony to honour Venerable Kurunegoda Piyatissa Nayake Mahathero

Venerable Kurunegoda Piyatissa Nayake Mahatero is a senior Buddhist prelate in the USA for over three decades as the head of the New York Buddhist Vihara, a position of great distinction which he gained with his achievements.

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කුරුණෑගොඩ පියතිස්ස නාහිමියන්හට සෙත්පතා පිංකමක්

නිව් යෝර්ක් බෞද්ධ විහාරාධිපති රාජකීය පණ්ඩිත ශාස්ත්‍රපති පුජ්‍ය කුරුණෑගොඩ පියතිස්ස නාහිමියන් ගේ අසු පස්වන ජන්ම දිනය වෙනුවෙන් උන්වහන්සේට සෙත් පතා  බෝධි පුජා පිංකමක් නිව් යෝර්ක් බෞද්ධ විහාරස්ථානයේදී පවත්වනු ලැබිය.

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Sri Lankan Community In The Us Celebrates Christmas With The Sri Lanka Embassy – Washington

December 23, 2013, Washington DC: Sri Lankan Christian community in the greater Washington area gathered at the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Washington on Friday (Dec 13) to celebrate Christmas. Once again, the embassy organized Thanksgiving prayers, Christmas choir and dinner for the guests, in keeping with its long unbroken tradition of celebrating the important events of all four major religions in Sri Lanka.

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Buddhists End “Rainy Season” With Ancient Ritual Robe-offering Ceremonies in LA

Hundreds of ethnic Buddhists in Southern California belonging to the Theravada tradition have been flocking to temples over the past few weeks for the Kathina, a ritual that has persisted in several Asian countries for over 2500 years.

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 Katina Ceremony at the Sri Ratana Buddhist Center

 Katina Ceremony at the Sri Ratana Buddhist Center.

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Gee Sara Rangana by Sunethra Sarachchandra

Gee Sara Rangana by Sunethra Sarachchandra.

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US Army War College event features Sri Lankan Culture, Food and Tourism

Sri Lanka Embassy Washington DC for another year backed the International Fellows at United States Army War College, Pennsylvania to organize the annual “Know Your World” public exhibition held on November 7, 2013.

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