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Katina Celebration at Shanthi Vihara Pomona

The 2nd annual Katina Celebration of the Shanthi Vihara in Pomona was held on Saturday November 2nd 2013 with the participation of monks from temples in California & Sri Lanka.

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Fourteen year-old Lankan shines in US

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a common question frequently posed when we were children. A nurse, a doctor, a lawyer or a pilot would be the usual answer. But has anyone come across a child who would say that he or she wants to be the Defence Secretary of the United States?

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Golden Fence at Sambuddhaloka Buddhist Vihara - USA

Sand in your toes, slight breeze making the leaves of a bo tree dance, a white stupa shining in the sunshine and the sweet fragrance of flowers and incense: Peaceful, quiet and relaxing. To many of you, this would take you down memory lane to your “Gamay Pansala.” This is exactly how you would feel if you visited Sambuddhaloka Buddhist Vihara, popular as “Riverside pansala” which is located about an hour away from Los Angeles in the city of Moreno Valley.

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Sri Lanka coconut milk ‘Arayuma’ wins Fair Trade award

A special award was presented to the company Arayuma recently in Toronto for their product “Premium Organic Coconut Milk”, voted “Canada’s Favorite Fairtrade Product for 2013” by a large number of Canadians during Fair Trade Fortnight. The Fair Trade Fortnight is an annual two-week blitz celebrating and promoting all Fair Trade, taking place during May 1st to 15th.

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Deminig Support Was Critical To Sri Lanka's Rapid Resettlement

Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya commends the meaningful humanitarian efforts of The Marshall Legacy Institute.

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Sri Lankan food a new addition to Asian Festival

Wichita’s Sri Lankan population is only about 200 strong, so your odds of being offered traditional Sri Lankan food in Wichita aren’t good  And that’s too bad for you, says TJ Jayaratne, a Sri Lanka native and Wichita resident who regularly craves the spicy food of his homeland.

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Ambassador Wickramasuriya Lauds 200 Years Of Business Ties Between Sri Lanka & The USA

Embassy of Sri Lanka hosts the Top Sri Lankan Business Leaders visiting the United States

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SLYO Halloween Party Canoga Park CA

So what are all your plans for Halloween? As for us at SLYO, we will be partying it up at our very first Halloween event, Atmos-Fear! coming up on October 25th in Canoga Park, CA. 

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American Tenor Of Sri Lankan Heritage Invited To Headline Show At The Tropicana Las Vegas

TORONTO - In a no-holds-barred exclusive interview with The Sri Lankan Anchorman, American tenor of Sri Lankan heritage, Sean Panikkar blasted judge Howie Mandel for his negative remarks at the finals of America's Got Talent.

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Twenty One Million Smiles Await You In Sri Lanka – Ambassador Wickramasuriya

Embassy organizes the second Ambassador's Signature Tour to Sri Lanka for US Tourists.

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