Shenali D Waduge

Sri Lanka’s admirable Buddhist missionary achievements in the West: Anagarika & Asoka offer role models t o emulate

As the Buddhist public in Sri Lanka begin to close ranks to meet the challenges facing the continuity and preservation of the Buddhist ethos and heritage in the light of planned incursions, it is good to take stock of the admirable services rendered by Sinhala Buddhists who have carried the torch of Buddhism and ignited it on foreign shores. Anagarika Dharmapala and Asoka Weeraratna are two such leading pioneers among many others who should be gratefully remembered for helping spread Buddhism on western shores. Their legacy must be publicly acknowledged and continued to draw inspiration of fellow Buddhists.

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Cricket Justice: DRS is a Sri Lankan Achievement – Rename it WDRS (Weeraratna Decision Review System)

In cricket as well as in a host of other sports a system known as the player referral is now being used. In cricket parlance it is called the Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) or Decision Review System (DRS).

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Are Sri Lankans ready to be colonized by India?

There is no map that has shown Sri Lanka to be part of India though 17 attempts had been made by South Indian Dravidian Tamil speaking invaders since 230BCE to invade Sri Lanka. The aspiration to appendage Sri Lanka to India remains an unfulfilled dream that looks to be steadily falling into shape as a result of the short sightedness of our own leaders. It is for the people of Sri Lanka to now ask themselves whether they are willing to be ruled by India and colonized by Indians which raises existential fears of the Sinhala race as well.

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Evangelization of Asia: Significance of objections to Pope’s visit to Sri Lanka

The US and Western Christian nations have made clear their foreign policy objectives in Asia. The focus of Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic faith and the State of Vatican is also Asia. Asia is seen as having the greatest potential for the expansion of Catholicism. When the Church declares the Third Christian Millennium as “a great harvest of faith will be reaped in this vast and vital continent,” it definitely means harvest of souls and conversion of non-Catholics to Catholicism. Should non-Catholic nations and nationalities not therefore have the right to prepare for eventualities and raise these concerns in public without being told that objections to conversions is against reconciliation, amity between religions and people?

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For how long can the ICC cheat and deprive Sri Lanka of credit for authorship of UDRS?

The need to adopt UDRS (also called DRS) in cricket universally has now become a hot topic in the light of India’s sensational defeat in a thrilling Test Match played against Australia at Adelaide. India’s stark obstinacy in refusing to allow UDRS to function contributed to its own downfall because several blatantly wrong umpiring decisions that went against India in this match particularly in the tense final day could not be corrected because of the absence of the UDRS. It was these types of umpiring howlers that the system was originally designed to eliminate. But they  went unchallenged and India’s glorious challenge to mark a historic victory in Adelaide boosted by a record breaking two centuries in two innings in the same Test match by India’s defiant skipper Virat Kohli, went down the drain.

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Sri Lanka must demand the return of the remains of Ven. Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula from Goa, if the DNA tests prove positive

Holocaust, Crusades, Portuguese and Spanish inquisitions, Salem witch trials, Genocide of the native peoples of the Americas and Carribean, Genocide of Middle Eastern peoples, Genocide of Africans and Australian Aborginals, the Portuguese Inquisition in Goa and Sri Lanka the list can go on. These are unforgivable crimes committed by European Christians in the name of Christianity. Adolf Hitler was a Roman Catholic, a Christian. He had Jews killed in the name of God.  The Holocaust was conducted primarily to avenge the killing of Jesus Christ. That is why the Catholic Church including the then Pope Pius X11 never really opposed it.  When the Holocaust comes to mind, it must be remembered that Germany was, and still is, a predominantly Christian country.

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EBOLA – Humanitarian Intervention or Depopulation agenda or both!

On 24 April 1974 then US Secretary of State under George Bush Snr said ‘depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the Third World’. Juxtapose that with Ghanian Nana Kwame’s allegation that people started dying only after the Red Cross vaccinations is certainly food for thought especially when he goes on to say that Ebola is a CIA invention to allow western troops on African soil. Ebola incidentally is a genotype weapon that is designed to kill only blacks and the vaccine serum only works on white people (Centre for Disease Control)! In the meanwhile US is to send 3600 troops to Africa – can a virus be killed with guns or drones?

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Remembering Anagarika Dharmapala : The Sri Lankan identity must be based on the Sinhala Buddhist identity of Sri Lanka

September 17th marks the 150th birth anniversary of a great son of Sri Lanka. The name of Anagarika Dharmpala should not just be etched in stone and commemorated ceremoniously annually. The people must be aware of all that he stood for and all that he promoted. How many of today’s youth or adult are aware of his contribution to nationalism and Buddhist revival or care to know?

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Why is it hard to honor non-white inventors?  Acknowledging Hindu Indian V A Shiva Ayyadurai – the Inventor of email

Everyone will agree that we cannot do without email. How many of us know who invented it. Yet, even when the inventor, an Indian Hindu was honored recently by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi why did the Western Press keep a lid on the news. We must wonder if this was an intentional effort and in line with the efforts being made to make the world presume that all inventions were post-colonial or by white inventors only.

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Sri Lanka’s War on Terror: A Scorecard unmatched and Envied

Sri Lanka showed how to win a War on Terror. Sri Lanka became the first and only country in the world to do so. Sri Lanka has also showed how to resettle, reconstruct demine and rehabilitate and even reintegrate former armed cadres another first of its kind. Sri Lanka offered a Presidential Pardon to all 594 LTTE child soldiers a feat no other country would consider. Sri Lanka has also shown development to areas that LTTE controlled for decades an achievement envied by the very parties that funded Sri Lanka’s terror. That last war victory came at the sacrifice of 6,261 personnel of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and 29,551 who were wounded since July 2006. In total close to 30,000 brave men laid down their lives to rid Sri Lanka of terrorism. Those that were on the other side surely have no right to preach now.

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