SEEING THROUGH IDEOLOGICAL SHAM (Continuation of Nicky Karunarathna exposures from 79)

"With the signing of the Indo-Lanka Pact it became the birth of the most dangerous anarchist period of Sri Lankan history associated with merciless killings by the regime with a vengeance; finally the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) hijacked Nicky Karunarathna's efforts and his collective goal".

Whether it was done under heavy pressure exerted by Rajiv Gandhi on J. R. Jayewardene at the time, as some suggest, the signing of the Indo-Lanka Pact by merely ignoring the first ever Sangha Sabha that remonstrated against it was viewed by the whole nation as a mammoth blow and a colossal disaster Sri Lanka experienced after the uprising of the Sinhala nation against the British rule long years ago.

Nicky Karunarathna refreshes our memory by stating that, "in the past we have been quite successfully victorious in every Chola assault, especially defeating their renowned king called Raja Raja from Tamil Nadu; our history shows us how King Gajaba not only attacked them in return fearlessly but he brought 10,000-12,000 prisoners as slaves after every invasion, with him to do construction work on Sri Lanka's huge irrigation works.

Slave trade

The history of slavery traces from ancient times to the present. 'Slavery is a legally recognized system in which people are legally considered the property of another. A slave had few rights and could be bought or sold and made to work for the owner without any choice or pay'.

The slave trade in Sri Lanka was not similar to what has taken place in any other part of the globe as the world history has recorded! "Our kings didn't bring in slaves to this country, namely the Tamils, in the same fashion the white man in a merciless manner did to the African Continent, where even African women and children were not spared! On the contrary, what our Kings brought as slaves were only the Tamil armies who fought against us during wars! This point has to be elaborated ubiquitously showing the difference between our slave trade against the White man's heartless slave trade as such".

If one were to talk about the emergence of the slave trade in the world, it has to be Vikings who first started this game by selling human beings to Europeans, mostly to the British and Germans for six pieces of silver each or exchange for their silk and spices.

"Vikings called Christians as Pagans (the most illiterate people) though the British Prime Minster David Cameron is bragging today about 'his Christianity'. This mode of Christianity is the cancer of the humanity today, where they go and disrupt and destroy all the peaceful countries including Sri Lanka".

Telescoping the situation to the present times Nicky goes on to portray their main agitation or envy against Sri Lanka as Sri Lanka being a non Christian country having managed to annihilate a terrorist outfit completely, after a long and dragged terrorist war, under three years of President Mahinda Rajapaksa's administration!

In such a backdrop, Sri Lankan Administration needs to be forthright in countering and combating fiercely these Christian ideological warmongers rather than adopting diplomatic niceties to show them where they stand on international matters! "Unless Sri Lanka adopts such an attitude and act accordingly, Sri Lankan leaders will never achieve anything in this battle against the predator Christian countries", emphasises Nicky Karunarathna

One glance at the pattern of voting that has taken place at the Geneva sessions on human rights issues so far by some of the worldly bodies stands as staring evidence how these countries have formed a fallacious opinion that a 'Sinhala/Buddhist Army defeated their Catholic Church based Tamil Army'! This becomes self evident when one takes into consideration the way how the Jaffna priest in the forefront has been behaving in a most obnoxious manner in this distasteful battle against Sri Lanka.

Even in Australia, Nicky acknowledges that, "all matters related to the 'Tamil LTTE' have taken root in leading churches for their predatory nature. The Sinhala/Buddhists on the contrary will never go against the beliefs and practices of other religions, and this factor needs to be highlighted and proven to expose where Europeans, US and UK stand," reminds Nicky.


Giving a discourse on theology, he explains that the Christianity did emerge from the Middle East, in Palestine, where Jesus ("a Coloured man" as recorded in the Christian Bible) was born. When the Roman Emperor Constantine was exposed to Christianity by his mother, he finally declared himself as a Christian at the age of 42; he also ordered the death of his eldest son Crispus, killed his wife and brother-in-Law in 313 AD and shifted the Capital to Turkey and named Istanbul as Constantinople, until Europeans brought it to Rome.

"Sri Lanka is not very advanced in technologically still to hold nuclear weapons to confront these religious predators, as such, but we can only fight with our knowledge and intelligence. How long are we going to tolerate such nonsensical hogwash? Palestinians for example have approached the UN seeking recognition as a Nation, but who are blocking them....? Its same ideological Christian countries and their leaders who are talking about peace 24/7 and identifying as Christian countries. Is it not a sick joke", questions Nicky.

Christians planted white Europeans as Jews to whitewash the whole of the Middle East. When they started dividing the Palestinian land, the then Saudi King, King Saud questioned the US and UK thus: "We didn't do anything to the so-called Jews but it was the Germans who were responsible for mass killings, so why not plant them there"?

'During the partition of Palestine her people were packed up to various camps as refugees in their own land who are still languishing in the Gaza Strip with blockades, supported by the so-called international leaders without any shame but preaching on good governance simultaneously! Hence Sri Lanka needs to widen her present strategy of mutual hostility with these International predators who are taking the world at large for a ride by ignoring the so-called 'diplomatic protocols.'

This is what Nicky Karunarathna has been fighting for with the cooperation of the Sangha Sabha to spread the supreme truth that, the Sinhala/Buddhist community in Sri Lanka will never take a back step whether it is India, United States of America, United Kingdom or the European Community as a whole.

Sri Express
(Continuation of Nicky Karunarathna exposures from 79)

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