Govt. should get its act together, opinion from London - War crimes

Tamil political activist Rajasingham Jayadevan, living in London, advised the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) that at the way things were progressing, Cameron’s ultimatum should be taken seriously.

British Prime Minister David Cameron warned the Sri Lankan Government that if a credible, independent investigation was not held into possible war crimes, committed during the 26-year-long war in Sri Lanka, by March 2014, he would use his position on the UN Human Rights Council and call for an independent international inquiry.

Jayadevan told Sri Express that the GOSL was undermining the seriousness of international pressures.

He said that Sri Lanka would be isolated if it went on the self-destructive path. "Even the Chinese could not help Sudan’s Omar Basheer. When it came to the final crunch, Sri Lanka might be supported by China and Russia as wider multilateral stakes were involved," he said.

If Sri Lanka progresses in the inwardly negative way, India too would become affirmative leading to China and Russia finding it hard to give absolute support to Sri Lanka, Jayadevan said.  

Chairman of British-Sri Lanka Business Council, Jayampathy Perera said that it was good that Cameron visited Sri Lanka without listening to the anti-Sri Lankan lobby led by the pro-LTTE Tamils.

"However, at the time we never imagined that his visit would end up as a catalyst of this scale against the GOSL. His visit has not only strained our relationship but also tarnished the image of Sri Lanka in the International arena. Tamil Diaspora is the majority with almost 8:1 ratio in the UK and all British Governments will support the majority," Perera said.

He said that the LTTE backed Tamils had infiltrated into the corridors of power within the Britishestablishment and "let’s hope our own publicity machine specially at international level gets due attention and the GOSL appoints some able individuals with positive track records to handle publicity matters rather than relying on a set of lethargic individuals who had done no good for the country," he said.

Editor of the "Lanka Viththi" newspaper in London Daya Ananda Ranasinghe said what both PM Cameron and the Channel 4 Media team wanted to do was to sabotage the CHOGM summit. He said that Cameron acted like a thug, thinking that he would be able to win votes from the Tamil Diaspora at the next British general election.

Solicitor Anura Hegoda said from the time of landing in Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Cameron’s body language was hostile and as a world leader people expected more diplomacy from him.

"There are plenty of war crimes committed by British troops around the world which are not being solved. Leave aside the crimes they committed in British India and Ceylon, they even committed crimes against civilians in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France after the defeat of Germans. More recently, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Argentina and Afghanistan are just few examples. Cameron should sort out their crimes against humanity before threatening a small country in the world," Hegoda said.

British Petroleum (BP) Area Manager for UK and the founder of ‘My Hope’ UK-Lanka Foundation charity Sujith Weerasinghe said the best way to deal with Western countries was to produce a plan with facts. The Tamil Diaspora knew the game and they had tied the knots with the right parties. "Let’s match their tactics. There is no point attacking Cameron in Sinhala, let’s get him across a table, engage him and that is the only way forward. We cannot afford to drag this issue any longer, let’s pray and wish the President, Defense Secretary and the leadership team the strenth to defeat this political war in this modern political arena," he said.

President of the British-Sri Lanka Forum Janaka Alahapperuma said that the British PM’s behaviour was highly influenced by the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora in the UK and it happened because the Sri Lanka High Commission in London neglected its duties.

Hindu and Human Rights Activist Deva Saran Samroo said that Cameron’s ultimatum against Sri Lanka was electioneering for votes. "Both Pakistan and Bangladesh are members of the Commonwealth where the constant atrocities against Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and non-Sunni Muslims are prevalent. Nearly 20 million Hindus in Bangladesh and 25 million in Pakistan have been wiped out without the world raising any concern. PM Cameron’s visit to Sri Lanka would carry more weight as a fighter against human rights violations if he demonstrate equal concerns," Samroo added.

Paul Sathianesan, Labour Party Councillor at London’s Newham Council, said "I personally welcome the British PM’s visit to Sri Lanka despite many demands from many sources forcing him not to go. It helped him to listen and hear directly from students, teachers, parents, victims of war, civic, faith and political leaders about the safety of the community and the quality of life currently in Sri Lanka".

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