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British Prime Minister, David Cameron said he would urge the United Nations to conduct an international, independent investigation if President Mahinda Rajapaksa fails to conduct to hold an impartial inquiry into allegations of human rights violations.

Talking to Channel 4 News during a tour to Jaffna, he said that the LTTE also committed appalling crimes, but what is needed today is to find out what happened at the end of the war and solve the problems facing Sri Lanka.

He said that one should not give up hope on Sri Lanka as the country and its President still have a chance to succeed. 

Channel 4 reported that Prime Minister Cameron met President, Mahinda Rajapaksa for a one-to-one meeting on Friday afternoon, following his return from Jaffna and the encounter was "pretty lively". 

It said that the British premier was seen leaving the meeting, brushing past Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to London Dr. Chris Nonis, who tried to engage him in conversation, before walking past the cameras with pursed lips. There is a strong sense from the pictures of the meeting having been brusque, curt and frosty, it reported.

A source present at the bilateral meeting said the British Prime Minister had "repeatedly and robustly" raised war crimes allegations, human rights and freedom of the press, Channel 4 reported. 

In comments Below to to Channel 4, Cameron said: "I was very clear that we need a proper independent inquiry  into what happened, particularly at the end of the war, which C4  proved with that excellent documentary showing some truly chilling and appalling scenes. My view is that if there isn’t independent inquiry soon there ought to be an Independent International inquiry.

"We do need to go to the bottom what happened. But, we also need to solve the problems of Sri Lanka today, one of which is internally displaced people, refugees in camps who should be allowed to go home. 

"While I am here, I am determined to shine a light properly on what’s happening in Sri Lanka both in terms of what happened at the end of the war and also the problems today, the disappeared, problems of the press freedom, lack of rights. We should shine a light on these things. We should do it in a way that we don’t give up hope on this country, actually this country and its President still have a chance. They have won this war to demonstrate their generosity.

"Part of the problem is far too many inquiries in Sri Lanka carried out by the military. That’s not a proper inquiry. There was a war that went on a very long time in this country and appalling acts were committed by Tamil Tigers as well. We have to be very clear about that. What we talking about now is the acts that when the war ended and the need of a proper political and civil rights. It is a country that can succeed. It is a country that can have some level of peace. Therefore, if they choose to share out their future together, actually there can be a success".

By Sujeeva Nivunhella in London

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