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photos by Ranjith Wijayasekara

Buddha, the Blessed one, attained seventy three types great knowledge (Thèsaththe Ñana) of the Universe with the discovery of Four Noble Truths when He became enlightened.

Light gold coloured flags of special shape with name of each Ñana embroidered depicting each knowledge, hung on to sticks with green transparent shapes of Bo leaves on top, symbolising the Bodhi (Bo tree). These sticks were hoisted over gold painted mini pedestals, lined over long tables covered with gold coloured cloths. Taken together the whole assembly depicted Buddha’s deep knowledge of the Universe. Buddhists pay homage to this seventy three types knowledge of the Blessed One by offering colourful fragrant flowers, incenses, light and ‘Chathu Madura”.

This was the ceremony which took place in Lankarama, Schofields, Sydney on Saturday 5 October 2013 amidst many hundred of devotees and three incumbent Banthes, Venerable  Rajakeeya Panditha Meegahakumbure Dhammagavesi, Venerable Thalangalle Siridhamma and  Venerable Tallande  Gunananda, directing. This was the 10th Anniversary of the ceremony.

Previously devotees have spent many hours of arduous, creative work preparing colourful flower arrangements for the offerings. For Buddhists, offering of flowers also a way of looking into the impermanence of life, realising how these beautiful flowers wither away in few hours time just like our lives.  

Before the offerings chief incumbent Thero, Venerable Dhammagavesi, explained the meaning of the ceremony giving a brief account of Seventy Three Types of Knowledge. (Anybody who wants further knowledge is directed to read the publication “Samma Sambuddho” written by Venerable Dhammagavesi, a free publication from Lankaramaya.) The ceremony was concluded with transferring merits to deceased loved ones, Devas and other living beings, and blessings to all present with ‘Seth Pirith’

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Sri Express
Sri Express
Sri Express
Sri Express
Sri Express
Sri Express
photos by Ranjith Wijayasekara

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