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Krishna's Birthday

The worshippers gathered at the Sri Swarna Kamaddzi Amman temple, in three bridges (Crawley) on 28th of August 2013 Wednesday around 5pm & continued till late in the night celebrating Krishna Jayanthi, for the third successive year at this temple.

Lord Krishna's Birthday is called Krishna Jayanthi, in some parts of india, it is also known as Janmashtami. This year, the 'Rohini' star and 'Ashtami' fell on the same day making this Krishna Jayanthi a doubly lucky, joyous and magnetic day.

Krishna is considered to be one of Lord Vishnu's most glorious incarnations. He is popularly known as a naughty child, an enthralling flute-player, an inspired cowherd, a divine lover, a destroyer of demons, and a clever diplomat - all rolled in one. There is no question of him being the ideal in all his relationships- as a son, friend, disciple, brother and husband. Lord Krishna sets the bar very high.

Krishna represents the total power of attraction or 'Aakarshana Shakti': infinite magnetism. He is the source of joy and since he lived in luxury throughout his life.

Celebrations were held at the temple, on a grand scale with pomp and splendour. In addition to the Special Vasantha Mandapa poojas to the Lord, as part of the cultural programme children from the age group of "One Year" and above performed various episodes from the life of baby Krishna including dancing, musical recitals & dramatics by their rhythmic physical movement and steps according to the music. "Ms.Selvi Kanaganayagam (Student of Mrs. Arunthathy Sriskandarajah and Mrs Padmavathy Ananthagopalan) performed a Veena Recital accompanied by mridangamist Madu Sundararajah.

The highlight of the celebrations was the dance performed by the two sisters Ragavi & Shayana Gobiraj dressed as epic characters Krishna & Radha in front of the Lord Krishna, on his return after being taken around the inner temple.

The climax of the celebration was the Uriyadi Utchavam performed by children depicting, baby Krishna going with his friends to a neighbour's house and stealing butter and creamy milk kept in an earthen pot.

The celebrations came to an end once the devotees partook the Prasadam (food that was first offered to the Lord Krishna).

Some of the photos depicting the event are shown below.

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Krishna's Birthday

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