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Angelinos were treated to a spell of professional exuberance during the 2-year stay of Dr. Hector and Mrs. Weerasinghe.

The classy presence and the sense of camaraderie they evoked among all, etched a lasting memory. Absent was the common place garrulousness of cheap political lackeys that float in like driftwood now and then. Sri Lankans were indeed honored to have known the elegant couple.

Dr. Weerasinghe carried with him the rare gift of being cool under pressure having headed the almost unmanageable trauma unit in Colombo at the height of the terror war in Sri Lanka. It was crisis management twenty-four seven and he and his team were on top of their tasks through the long ordeal for many months.

What endeared Dr. Weerasinghe to those coming into his radar was his decency and lack of pig-headed verbosity coupled with the projection of self-importance.

Instead, he brought a deep sense of modesty to the job. There was not even a semblance of pompous audacity in any of his moves. He treated the self-serving compliment chasing few the same way as the vast majority who just wanted some things done in a hurry at the consulate. He was not fishing for higher political office but served Sri Lanka with a great deal of zeal.

Anyone could meet him and he just listened like a humanist healer caring for those in dire need. Definitely over-qualified for the job, he never showed any aversion towards the somewhat over-rated task handed to him nor did he yearn for accolades others would have sought when becoming the Consul General. He knew what the task was and above all he knew who he was. Everyone saw the transmitted message like a Bill Board emitting signals in full gaze and asunder.

He shun egotism like a sage and just attended to the mundane matters with equanimity and class. There were no throbbing crowds pushing for access, no sycophantic hangers-on hoping for crumbs to be thrown at them under the table.

Yet everybody liked you dear Dr. and Mrs. Weerasinghe because most Sri Lankans are not flawed and gullible but had a certain je ne sais quoi that made you very appealing.

Farewell and good luck with your well-earned retirement!


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