Launching of Two Valuable Dhamma Books at LANKARAMA, SCHOFIELDS SYDNEY

photos by Ranjith Wijayasekara

A special ceremony to launch two new books written by Ven. Pandit Meegahakumbure Dhammagavesi was held at Lankarama on 21st Sunday of this month in conjunction with the monthly sil programme of the temple. A large number of devotees attended the ceremony.

These books were written based on a series of sermons Ven Dhammagavesi delivered at Lankarama during the retreat period – ‘vas’ season for monks in 2012.  The books are of great importance to all as they explain very clearly the path one should take in the achievement of Nibbana. The titles of the books are – ‘SATTA BOJJANGA’ Sinhala version and ‘THE SEVEN FACTORS OF ENLIGHTENMENT’ the English version. Books are for free distribution.

Conducting the ceremony Dr Piyasoma Medis indicated the value of writing of books based on the teachings of the Noble One. Since the establishment of Lankarama Ven Dhammagavesi has written 21 books which is a great achievement he added. He also highlighted the utmost recognition and respect Ven Dhammagavesi attach to the protection of Intellectual properties of the enlightened one –the Buddh, particularly in the presentation of Buddha’s teachings.

Dr Abhaya Bandaranayaka commenting on the Sinhala book said that it was a pleasure to read it. Style and lucid explanations are making it easy for the reader to comprehend ‘Bojjanga’ concepts in a meaningful manner. As a practicing psychologist he said he values the contents of the books and recommended to read them often to overcome stress and emotionally disturbed situations.

Reflecting on the English Book, Dr Don Wickrema congratulated the author for writing a very useful book to help and guide the devotees in the right path related to their day today life. The book also he said helps immensely to those who intend to take appropriate steps to reach ‘Nibbana’ by eradicating all desires and lustful feelings. This book he said is a very good testimony for us to understand the in depth knowledge Ven Dhammagavesi has on Buddha Dhamma.

It was possible to publish the two books for free distribution thanks to the generous financial help and support given by Chandana and Anusha Singhabahu and their sons Thushira and Rachitha who collaborate very closely with Lankarama in all its activities. The books were initially gifted to Maha Sangha and special invitees by the Singhabahu family.

To conclude the ceremony Venerable Dhammagavesi delivered ‘Punyanumodana’- transfer of merits to all those helped to complete the project of writing and publication for the benefit of all. He said he is thankful to Ven. Siridhamma for his kind help, Ven Pannasekera for proof reading the Sinhala book, Mrs Padma Karunatilleka for transcribing, Mr Duminda Perera for doing the English translation, Dr Rangith Ruberu for reading the manuscripts and making valuable suggestions, Emeritus Prof Amaradasa Liyangamge for writing an appreciation, Dr Abhaya Bandaranayaka and Dr Don Wicrema for introducing the two books to devotees with valuable remarks, Dr Piyasoma Medis for conducting the ceremony, the Office of Consul General of Sri Lanka for extending its cooperation and to Lankarama Buddhist Vihara Society and its members and all devotees for making necessary requisites available to enable him to engage in a noble mission to take the message of the Buddha  for welfare of all.  Last but not the least Ven Dhammagavesi  said much merits will go to the Singhabahu Family for providing financial assistance necessary very willingly to publish the two books.

‘Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukitatta’ – May all living beings be well and happy

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Launching of Two Valuable Dhamma Books at LANKARAMA, SCHOFIELDS SYDNEY
Launching of Two Valuable Dhamma Books at LANKARAMA, SCHOFIELDS SYDNEY
Launching of Two Valuable Dhamma Books at LANKARAMA, SCHOFIELDS SYDNEY
photos by Ranjith Wijayasekara

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