Husband's spirit on wifes Bed


Sena (fictitious name) was one of the well-known professionals in Sri Lanka who qualified in a specialized field. After graduating abroad, in the same profession as his father, he joined his father's company with the idea of continuing the family business from a Colombo office.

He was born to a rich and wealthy family with a sliver spoon in his mouth. After attending one of the most prestigious schools in Colombo he was sent overseas to peruse his professional studies. Upon his return to ‘Ceylon’ he was able to demonstrate skills in his chosen field where the public in Colombo could witness as proof.


He was tall, handsome with a pleasant countenance, extremely generous and equally a spendthrift, who always loved to drive flashy expensive cars sporting exclusive clothes of branded names without exhibiting any sign of pomposity or superiority attached to his diverse tastes. His inborn refined qualities helped him to cultivate many friends professionally and socially. Later he married a beautiful girl from the cream of the Sri Lankan aristocratic stock.

He was a reputed 'club man' with memberships of most nightspots in Colombo and one who liked to enjoy evenings virtually in the company of his friends. Subsequently, he became the President of a longstanding club that is particularly renowned for the affluent gentlemen to assemble in the evenings for ' liquid nourishment’, where at the end of the day only a couple of empty Black Label or Shiva's Regal bottles stood as witness. During such 'drinking sessions' his impish sense of humour managed to keep his friends alive and cheerful. 

Good, bad and the ugly 

With all the good qualities his only weakness was overindulgence in extravagant social intercourse associated with good food, wine and women. The sparkle in his eye always attracted the Colombo seven women towards him. He was a connoisseur of liquor; this very reason helped him to earn a reputation as a 'heavy boozer' and made him score his own goals in life at times. Seemingly he became addicted to alcohol and became a heavy smoker; his health began to deteriorate, so was his striking personality ostensibly beginning to wither and made him a sick man with a continuous cough. Amidst his extravaganza he loved his wife dearly throughout his life. In her own way she too was an exceptionally generous woman. When Sena fell ill his wife looked after him adoringly like a mother would protect her son. 

Finally he had to bid adieu to his friends and associates. An astonishing crowd attended his funeral at Kanatta. After the cremation, as customary, those who attended the funeral visited the dead person's house for ‘Mala Batha’ (dinner), which is considered as transferring merit to the departed soul.

After returning home from the cemetery Sena's wife walked into her bedroom when she was dumbfounded to see 'dead Sena' seated at the edge of the bed manifestly. She became shell shocked to experience such a frightening scene immediately after cremating her husband, yet never pretended to be disturbed by such visualisation. Impulsively she exclaimed: "Sena ... we have just cremated your body only minutes ago, what are you doing here right now...?" The spirit responded by gazing at her lovingly for a few seconds and vanished.   

Domestic girl's experience 

On a later date, a new domestic girl who came to work for Sena's wife spotted a 'thin, frail gentleman's figure, coughing and standing in a corner, near the staircase smoking a cigarette!" Shaken with fear she ran up to her mistress and described what she saw. Rather than showing any sympathy the mistress reprimanded the girl purposely knowing that curiosity could do more things than killing a cat!

Undoubtedly, Sena's wife became curious at the experience of the new domestic as the girl had not known Sena from Adam, yet she wondered how the girl could describe Sena's features as 'thin, tall and constantly smoking and coughing!'

Enigmatic things began to develop seemingly turning such occurrences as habitual to spot the presence of Sena's spirit in the house, sometimes in a stationery pose similar to that of a human being, and at other times moving at lightning speed in a smoky astral body (Jinn) formation. She got used to seeing it so much that she began to ignore the spirit, as it appeared quite harmless.

Final encounter 

Once Sena's wife went to take a shower to the washroom at her home to see Sena's spirit hiding inside there too! Being somewhat annoyed she had yelled at the spirit saying, "What the hell men! Can't you leave me alone without even creeping into my privacy? Why don't you just leave me alone...Sena...please" ...?

That was the last time the spirit appeared in smoke or human form inside her house. But she being a woman of character and wealth continued her charitable activities emphasising more on her dead husband with a view to transferring some of the merits to his soul as well. She fed hundreds of orphans, helped many old people who were in aged-homes, sponsored poor children for their education, assisted the needy distinctly, particularly buttressing the 'Prevent Cancer Campaign' dynamically in the good name of her husband to confer merit to the departed soul.

With the passage of time Sena's ghostly appearance inside their home completely vanished most certainly due to her excessive charity work in helping the poor in a large scale which may have helped the dead husband's soul to liberate from the spiritual world to a transcendent status. Subsequently, he had appeared to her in a dream shining like an angel with full of smiles; apparently had told her that he was in a 'happy spiritual station'.

Sena's wife had no qualms about sharing her supernatural experiences with her close circle of friends. Fourteen months ago she too joined her husband in a different world where, we as humans, are not able to fathom.

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