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The hereditary name, commonly referred to as the surname can come from various sources. It could have been given by the king, descending from your clan or the village you were born etc. My father was from the village of Hegoda in Batuwantudawa in the Galle district. He has taken the name of his village as the surname. So we have inherited it. There are many names connected to villages as we know.

It is not strange for some British to use the names of villages or cities as their surnames.

Ashdown, Ashford and Hastings are a few of them. But some surnames used in the UK made us think a little more. The clan who used the surname Death have been in the UK since medieval times. They are immigrants from an area between Netherlands and Belgium. Some Death people were descendants from a French village called Ath. Ad the preposition 'de' has been used before 'ath', the people from Ath have been named Deaths. Although this gives a chilling image, there is no evidence that any of them are connected to the underworld in the United Kingdom in anyway. Making things worse the surname 'Grave' is also in use.

Sadly some straightforward, honest people also bear the surname of Crook. Their ancestry is traced back to Scotland and obviously millions of crooks are in the world without that surname. The name Dick is used in different meanings. A detective, male organ, an unpleasant person are a few of them. But there are female dicks in the UK. For example Miss Allota Dick and Anita Dickman are living in the UK.

The word 'hooker' is used in different forms. A prostitute who attracts customers by walking the streets, a golfer whose shots typically curve left, a small fishing boat and in rugby, the player in the middle of the front row of the scrum who tries to capture the ball with the foot, are called hookers. There are people who use the surname Hooker in the UK. A general in the United States Army Joseph Hooker and an English theologian Richard Hooker are two of the famous people who had the said surname. When you pronounce the word 'whore', it sounds 'ho'. There are women in the UK with 'Ho' surname. There must have been difficult times in their lives.

'Cock' is a surname which has been used since the early 16th century. Apart from using it to recognise some birds and the male organ, it also uses to call men, a male lobster, crab and salmon in the UK. A small pile of hay, straw, or other material, with vertical sides and a rounded top is also a 'cock'. Cockburns and Badcocks still live in the UK.

There are men and women with surnames of Fish, Peacock, Lamb, Parrot and so on. Weatherman Michal Fish, Snooker Champion John Parrot and cricketer Alan Lamb are a few of them. There is an interesting story about Alan Lamb. I don't know when it happened. Once when he played for Hampshire county, Alistair Cook and Mark Butcher played for the other team. The commentator had said: "Lamb might not play today as Butcher and Cook are both waiting for him".

The agriculture minister of the John Major government was Edwina Curry. Later Major admitted that he had an affair with Curry when she gave a press interview after he published his autobiography. She was angered by his ignorance to even mention her as a member of his Cabinet.

When the news broke, newspapers had a hay day. There was a cartoon of Major in bed with Edwina Curry and calling his wife Norma on the phone.

The caption was "Norma, don't leave me dinner tonight. I'm having a curry". The finance minister of the Gordon Brown government was Alistair Darling. After the Budget Speech, Brown thanked him saying "thank you Darling".

Michael Mates was Minister of State at the Northern Ireland Office. He was forced to resign after a scandal involving his links to a fugitive businessman. A press photographer took a picture of him having a drink alone in a pub. The caption was " the man who has no Mates'.

There are Mr. and Mrs. for all seasons. Mr. Spring, Miss Summer, Mr. Autumn and Miss Winter are in existence. Once a Miss Winter married a Mr Frost. It is a joke that Miss Winter ditches Mr. Hanky after using him for the winter. Winterbottom is also a well used surname. Ryan Sidebottom is a fast bowler who played for the English national team. Arnie Sidebottom is a well known football player.

Although some sounds odd, many of those surnames are still in use. But it is said that most of them have been dropped by the new generation.

My intention of this write is no way to dishonour the use of uncommon names but to discuss them. The following is a list of a few names that are being used but fading away from British surname lists. Hickinbottom, Handcock, Smellie, Daft, Shufflebottom, Stranger, Jelly, Slow,Onion,Willy,Pigg,Poor, Glasscock and at last Nutter.

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