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land in the shape of a tear drop existed for millions of years closer to India. It gave all four weather seasons at the same time in different parts of it and it belonged to an ancient race for thousands of years.

It was transferred as a gift of matrimony to a Prince deported from India by his father. The residents of the land spent thousands of prosperous years happily under different kings and rulers.

In 1505, Portuguese traders who had a taste for spices, entered the land and asked for a small piece. Although it took residents days to take them to Kotte from Colombo Fort, the Portuguese deceived the King and settled in the coastal areas of the land with a Deed of Declaration. The Dutch, arrived and helped the King to get rid of kaffringha singing Parangiya off the land but wrote a new deed of transfer in their name. It was the third deed of the land called, Thambapanni, Heladiwa, Sinhaladeepaya for thousands of years.

In 1798 arrived the most powerful nation at the time, the representatives of the British Empress. They kicked the Dutch away from the coastal areas. After sometime, they deceived the up country aristocrats and settled in the land then called 'Ceylon'. They became the one and only owner of the entire land. Railway lines were laid to transport tea to Colombo port. A mountain in Kadugannawa was penetrated and the upcountry men were given a chance to travel to Colombo. (Otherwise we never know, they might be still in Kandy) The spreading of the English language, culture and religion began.

The real British rule began. It started with violating fundamental and human rights of the residents, killing them and skinning the entire wealth of the land. They imposed hundreds of different taxes including a tax for dogs. By doing so, they dragged the residents of the land through an unbelievable difficult time but whoever obeyed them and supported them were given land, honours and other perks. Although they left the land after 150 years, it feels like they are still here.

Although the original residents got the land back they didn't feel any value of it. They destroyed the jungles and sold the wood; dug the river banks to get sand, destroyed paddy fields turning them to gem pits; consumed jungle animals and made elephants almost extinct. Whoever came to power promising to look after the land, almost destroyed it.

Then came the rebellions. One from the South of the land and the most dangerous one from the North. The ones from the North tried to claim half of the land providing various old plans and deeds. They marked the boundaries and expanded them gradually. They claimed that most of the land belonged to their ancestors and started a violent process.

In the meantime, some Public Notaries arrived in the land from Norway, England and America, notorious deeds providers on the entire planet. Some tried to measure the land to separate and one was unrolling the barbed wire. The residents were lost for sometime under many rulers. But the ruler who came from Down South chased away the notaries and settled the conflict which had been bleeding for 30 years.

Now, the same Notaries are trying their best to create unease among residents of the land. They have taken the matter to a higher level in desperation for a solution in their favour. The higher level, which is called the UN, is mainly funded and controlled by those Notaries who are looking for a separation.

It is said that when the British ruled the land, they did it on the basis of 'divide and rule'. They enjoyed separating the nation and making them fight against each other for their easy rule. They also knew that a united nation is much more powerful than their own. So hundreds of years on, they still try to do the same thing which is against the fundamentals of human rights. Strategically, this tiny land is situated in an extremely important location. Having a base or a slave nation is a bonus to those countries that fund terrorism or encourage ideals against this land.

I would like to make a suggestion to the big nations trying to create a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka.

Tamil Nadu in India consists of 50,216 square miles. It has a population of 72 million, the biggest Tamil community in the world. It is seven times bigger than the Eelam the LTTE tried to create in Sri Lanka. So why not try for a big place like Tamil Nadu to have your bases. It is much closer to the super power China you are scared of even in sleep. So please go ahead and leave this tiny land Sri Lanka in peace.

We always have been living in harmony except for the times of the foreign invasions like Indian Chola, Portuguese, Dutch and the British. 

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